Terms of Service

BanyanTheme's service term

Before you, register and download or usage BanyanThemes download by-product and any service for your own purposes. While downloading or using any service, data, or products on BanyanThemes. You should read carefully review and sure you understand all our terms and conditions, are that you purchase or use any of our products, memberships, Or services and use of this website and any data or products provided here indicate You agree or disagree to be bound by the following terms of using these terms and conditions correspond accordingly.


We restrain the appropriate following the right way exchange and edit the terms and conditions at any time or any day without notice.

BanyanTheme's product delivery system

Our all-free products are downloadable you can be downloaded just by creating an account, but our all paid products are downloadable from the customer dashboard you can be downloaded 1st of you through membership or as a single product, after receiving and verifying the payment.


You can download the paid product and be able to make use. some cases up to expectation thy payment is no longer effectively committed and afterwards, we have in conformity with review and technique download records manually.  


So the delays do lip service namely lengthy as 5 hours on following 5 business days depending concerning the situation or content over superintendence required afterwards a fraud watchful has been activated.

Special service and payment system

If you want to take our special service like new site development,  themes customization, site setup system on the server, full SEO services and As with full Digital marketing services you have to make 50% payment in advance and when your work is 80% completed we are you have to make full payment.

In our payments process system, we are using a Payoneer card, Paypal, Master Card, and Visa card. You must agree please make sure you have read their terms and services before paying for any of our membership plans.

BanyanTheme's product updates

We do now not guarantee that manufacture updates pleasure keep received outdoors forever, But BanyanThemes's best according to improve every products overtime or perform absolute that be qualified to match The modern version of WordPress.


We are cannot guarantee our products will remain working including the oldest versions of WordPress (3.0 yet earlier). BanyanThemes templates and scrolling framework support the latest cutting-edge web browsers, which include (but are now not limited to) Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge. 


Our membership individuals perform usage paid templates to update, yet their club contribution is still active, However, also proviso your membership expires, you can even use the of the installed templates or our every product.


Of all WordPress themes, plugins templates are launched below the GNU Public License version 2.0. We strongly discourage you in accordance with offering them, modified yet unmodified, because of redistribution or resale of any kind.


All of them PHP portions about the templates, factors then styles are licensed below the suitable GPL license of the foster-parent platform. This does not vile that all our merchandise is free. Customers must advance buy BanyanThemes products or after they may use them,


Support, updates yet customer accounts are only on hand after anybody buys our products. If you do not hold a valid license, thou desire no longer to be in a position according to download any of your purchased products.

Ownership and warranty

You need to no longer claim intellectual property other than proprietary ownership on some of our products, modified or not modified. All products are the property of BanyanThemes. Our merchandise is provided "as is", without any form of guarantee, whether or not express and implied.


Under no instances will our legal person undergo some accountability for any damage, including but not restricted according to direct, indirect, special, accessory yet consequential damage yet mean losses caused by using the makes use of yet lack of ability according to use our products.


Our merchandise is provided "as is" yet does no longer provide anybody structure about express or implied warranty. We function no longer guarantee to that amount our products will run into whole browsers, nor do we warranty as our the product choice is applicable after whole versions of WordPress.


We do not warranty any Other third-party plug-ins, scripts, or applications. However, you are able usually to test the products concerning our demo server before buying to make sure the problem lies. Our contact form is usually even according to help you.

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